In A Blink

As the world turns and time keeps running away. 
The future starts to become the past. 
And the past becomes history for the next generation. 
Yet, history may also become the future of those who do not understand it. 
We all start the same with only our futures before us. 
And the history of the past generations is behind us. 
We find heroes in our parents and others that shaped us.  
Watch as they start to grow older, and time starts to wither their lives away. 
Then in the middle of our own short lives, 
We find the tables have turned on us too. 
Our lives start turning into history for others. 
We watch the generation before us disappear. 
Turning into ghosts that fade away in the darkness as our own light starts to dim. 
We see the next generation, our very own children. 
Believing that they have it so hard. 
Only stumbling over the same footprints that we once tripped over. 
The same footprints that were stumbled over by each generation before that. 
New names and fresh faces, creating new devices to make life easier. 
Nothing but a sham of progress hiding behind the same pridefulness of the new youth. 
In a blink of an eye, the new has become the old and the old has turned to dust on the history books. 

Author: littleslices

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