Looking Back on My Life

Looking back over the years.
I see many events that made me fall,
many that made me pray for it to end.
The pain and the sorrows came so fast.
Sadness that even today is so hurtful to my mind.
Sadness from loss,
Sadness from people being so brutal to each other. Tragic events throughout my life
burned deep in my mind.
A fire down the street on a Christmas morning, leaving a family asking why,
Why did their little boy have to die that day?
My beautiful, sweet niece is being laid to rest at such a tender age,
sweet 16 and oh so young. Explosions of Space Shuttles as the nation watched in horror.
The Trade Center, Pentagon, and aircraft attacked,
people slaughtered in each,
and fear streamed through the world.
And now as I speak, the nation is splitting over a virus. As I watch the people in my life,
I see the stresses and the pains create deep cuts in their faces.
Skin that was once tight and smooth is now fragile and wrinkled.
Hair of color turned grey and brittle.
Each breath they take, pumping of their hearts,
could be stopped in a second,
no warning or reason. Depression is ever so sinking.
Despair and worry, ever my best friend.
Looking down at the ground,
scared to look up,
for fear of what will be next.
Do I dare to look life in the face?
I have fallen so deep,
the darkness surrounds me.
But wait, what do I see from my pit? It’s a light from above.
The moments that made me so happy.
Fishing with my Papa.
Learning to play football with my dad.
Mom soothed my bumps and bruises. Brighter and brighter the light is overwhelming me.
Birth of my children.
Watching my bride walking down the aisle.
My children starting families,
Oh, such great joys I do see.
I bow my head and pray to the Lord,
Thank you, my Lord,
My Rock, and my Savior.

Author: littleslices

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