Looking Up to You

We are all born the same way, 
With blood tears and sweat as our dear mothers sacrifice their comfort. 
The pain and hurt we submit to them as we struggle to be free from the womb. 
Father is nearby, or at least they should be. 
Waiting and watching in hopes of that baby boy to be born. 
The hopes and dreams they have for you. 

As you grow you get many bumps and bruises. 
Mother at the ready with a kiss to a scraped-up knee, 
A gentle finger to wipe away the tears. 
Father nearby with a voice of reassurance, 
“No need for tears son, it’s only a small cut.” 

Entering those wild teenage years, 
Looking to be tough, looking to be strong, 
Trying to be the man that your father appears to you. 
From football to baseball, fast cars and pretty girls, 
All in vain to impress only your dad. 

Leaving the only home, you ever have known, 
Starting a new life as your childhood vanishes behind you. 
From college to work, you hustle through your new life, 
Searching for what you believe is most important in this world,  
Something to impress your dad. 

Years slide pass you at such a fast pace, 
Wife and children in tow, you struggle to see, 
To see the life that is all around you. 
Your children are growing up, looking for your approval. 
You must stop to catch your breath before it is too late. 
You look at your father and wonder how he did it for so long. 

Then comes the day that you had hoped would come, 
With a somber and quiet voice, your father starts to speak, 
“I’m so proud of you son, you have accomplished so much. 
You have raised such a beautiful family and overcome so much.” 
Unknown to you until that moment, he had watched you from afar. 

Author: littleslices

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