Path of Confusion, Finally at Rest 

I am so confused today. 
No! I mean every day. 
Unsure of where I am going, 
Unsure of where I have been. 
In every direction I turn, 
Seems to be the wrong way down the rabbit’s path. 
Left, right, up, down, 
I seem to be further down a path I have never seen before. 
Unsure of where I am, 
Where have I been? 
Everywhere I turn, 
There are forks and twists that make me lose my way. 
Stopping for direction, 
I realize they are just there to confuse me more. 
We are all just like pebbles being tossed and bounced around, 
 by the invisible forces of the wind. 
This world has just gone crazy, 
Voices all around. 
Giving words of “wisdom,” 
That only brings more confusion. 
So, I chose to bend my knees and bow my head, 
In despair and depression. 
In hope of liberation, 
I pray to God for my salvation. 
He opens the map of my heart, 
He shows me the way. 
A path less traveled. 
My confusion and despair fall away, 
revealing a path, 
I have never seen it before. 
One of peace, 
With no more distractions. 
Clear and straight,  
No more obstacles.

Author: littleslices

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