Fishing with Papa

Jumping to my feet as I watch the little red and white bobber sink below the calm water’s surface. Ripples shoot out from the spot as the water’s tension is broken.

Then my Papa says quickly but in a gentle voice, “Just wait a few seconds more Cat.”

I look up at him and see the watchful eye of his years of experience and wisdom watching the fishing line and me. The bobber bounces back up and lies still for a few moments. My heart begins to sink. My hopes are dashed. I look up at my Papa and sadly say, “He didn’t take it, Papa.”

Smiling at me in his tender voice, “Just keep watching Cat. These fish love to taste the bait and run, then come back to try to steal it.”

As on cue, the bobber sinks deep into the water and the line draws tight. I look up to my Papa once again with a huge smile on my face and hope to hear him tell me to set the hook. The line gets tighter, and the pole starts to bend.

With about as much excitement as I have, he yells, “Pick up the pole and pull it up!”

Rushing over I grab the pole and pull back as hard and fast as my little arms can. The line flashes left and right. It bends and bounces in my hands. I try to turn the little crank on the side of the reel. The pole jerks my little body back and forth. I now can see the fish swimming in the shallow waters just off the shore. It darts left, right, up, and down. Jumps out of the water as if to see what is pulling it. It fights for its life. My Papa grabs the net nearby and quickly makes a splash with the open end of the net into the water. Sinks it below the fish and captures it.

It’s a small little bluegill that could barely take the hook. But to me, it was the biggest fish in the world. Papa grabs the pitiful thing out of the net, takes the small hook out of its mouth, and asks me what we should do. I look at him and then at the fish.

“Let’s clean it and eat it!”, I excitedly screamed.

With a soft, caring voice Papa explains, “This is just a baby, not much unlike you. Why don’t we let him go back to his mommy and grow up some first?”

I disappointingly agree with a quite meek little voice, “Yeah, I know my mom wouldn’t want to lose me either.”

Before we lower the small fish back into the water, my mom takes a few pictures of me with my monster catch. Smile beaming from ear to ear and my eyes looking at my Papa. Today my Papa is in heaven with the greatest fisherman of them all.

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