It’s Been a Long Time

It has been a long time since I wrote on this or my other blog. What is my reasoning for this?

Truth is that I have no true reason. I have had time to write here. I have had time to post pictures. I really have no excuse other than I did not take the time to write.

Sadly, in that time there have been many changes in the world and in my life. Many affected us all and some were very heartbreaking for me.

For example:

  1. The new president- Joe Bidden is the president now. For myself, I did not vote for him and feel he is doing exactly the bad job I figured he would do.
  2. Inflation is at 8.5% and it is hitting everyone hard.
  3. Fuel prices are on the rise, started after Bidden killed the oil pipelines and then got much worse after Russia invaded Ukraine.
  4. Russia invaded Ukraine and the world, in general, is trying to punish Russia economically. Even the Swiss are involved in the sanctions and have helped send arms to Ukraine.
  5. Covid is still an issue, but most mandates have been lifted. However, there is a few liberal states that are still enforcing them in places. There is also a divide within the country as to vaccinations and masks also.
  6. There are now men that are competing in women’s sports because they feel or dress like a woman. This has pretty much knocked extremely good women athletes out of winning any medals.
  7. Florida passed a bill dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill that states that schools can not teach children about sexuality until after the 3rd grade. Makes no statement in the bill banning gays or anything like that. However, the left and LGBTQ+ are making it a huge issue that it is anti-LGBTQ+. Disney in response to the bill has joined up with the LGBTQ+ and protested the bill because of some of the executives and Disney family who are gay or transgender. As such, Florida has now removed the special arrangement that Walt Disney created with Florida when he created Disney World to be able to bypass the Flordia building and inspection processes.

Now the things that are personal changes, well those are personal and I may write about those things in the future when I feel is the right time.

So what are my hopes in the near future here?

At this time I am hoping to actually do what I wanted to do on this blog and the other one.

Little Slices of me – I am hoping to keep to my word and write my poems, and short stories, and post pictures and art here. I want to also post pictures of my wife’s artwork here and link to her page.

Mad Mountain – Here I am probably going to change the format and focus less on political opinions and more on my thoughts on life. The everyday changes that happen and inspirational stories. Granted, some of those stories may be on both blogs. The reason for this change is that as I have gotten older and watched others, I have found more and more pain and hurt. I feel that many people need to see through someone else’s eyes. So many people out there seem to be so self-centered that they have become hateful to anyone outside of their normal lives. People seem to no longer accept that each and every one of us has different opinions, thoughts, and feelings that could need a hand up or maybe help them understand better.

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