Taking My Papa a Bird Dog Named Joe

As I was too young to remember this story, I must rely on what my parents and sisters have told this story.

As I grew up my family would take summer vacations in Mississippi to visit my Papa. We made these awesome trips every other summer. on this trip, my parents had agreed to bring my Papa a new German Shorthair bird dog. Joe was his name and became one of my favorites among his many dogs. Because we lived in California the trip would take a few days.

So, from what I understand, the trip went well, and no problems were in the air. Whenever they would stop for food or gas, Joe would be given time to relieve himself, have some water, and eat. During the times they were driving Joe would lie down in the back of the old red Ford Pinto station wagon.

This was going fine until the one time that Joe was not first. Everyone was tired and hungry after the long drive that day. So, it was decided that Joe could wait while the family went inside the restaurant to eat first. After all, the dog could wait a little bit… Or so my parents thought.

We were able to get a booth in the restaurant that had a window seat to the little red Ford Pinto Wagon. My parents would look outside to see if Joe were in distress or needed out, but nothing seemed wrong. Joe would occasionally pop his head up and look around for a few moments, then appear to lie back down. 

After eating our dinners and visiting the restroom, we headed back to the car. My dad unlocked the car doors so everyone could get in. As we opened the doors a furry of cotton came rushing out the doors. My dad went around to the back of the car where the station wagon’s lift door was and found Joe wagging his little tailback and forward with a nice soft new bed of white cotton whirling around him.

Looking at the mess my dad found the now empty Pampers bag of diapers. Joe had torn up the whole bag of Pampers and spread the fluffy white inside of them throughout the car. That night when we stopped, we slept in the white mess of fluff and fuzz whirling around us all.

After that, Joe would be the first one that gets fed and given water.

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