The Real Fish Story

As the morning sun barely starts to shine over the hills in the distance,
You find me speeding down the dusty and bumpy dirt road to the shore,
Hoping to reach my secret hidden gem,
Where the trees hide my favorite weekend retreat.

With hardly a sound in the air,
Other than the sparrow alerting my arrival.
I grab my reel and rods and all the tackle I can hold,
Placing the bait on the hook in hopes of good luck,
I say a quick blessing to the Lord for a great fishing day.

Casting the line out,
It sure looks like a grand one,
Just pass the sunken logs and near the tall grasses,
The hooks fades fast as it sinks into the depths,
I’m sure there has got to be a big one in there.

Looking out over the water,
Many fish appear to be dancing,
With a splash over there,
And a splish over here,
I see the fish that I want so dear.

So near to my line,
I can only imagine,
The fight of a lifetime,
A battle so epic,
A story for the grandkids to hear.

My rod starts to bounce with such great force,
Rushing to the rod and pulling back just at the right time,
I feel the hook set deep into the fish’s lip,
As the rod bows down to the water.

The line grows tight as the fish beginnings to fight,
Zigging and zagging from left to right,
My dribble starts chirping as the fish tries to flee,
Boy, that must be the biggest one I have ever caught.

The struggle is real,
The fight is so passionate,
It is a give-or-take situation,
As the line goes,
And I reel it back in.

The fighting must have lasted at least thirty minutes,
It seemed to take forever,
I am the champion of this epic fight,
As the fish is exhausted from its fight for its life,
Only for me to see a small little bluegill looking at me.

That is when I see the monster fish still jumping,
Laughing at me with every leap in the air,
That’s when I realize my drag was set so light,
For such a small fish was able to fool me.

Author: littleslices

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